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The content on Strength & Science is about one thing and one thing only: the evidence-based approach to fitness. No fads, no ego, and no speculation. If something appears on this site, it's because there's good evidence to back it up - either directly from the scientific literature, or based on a sound line of reasoning. Don't take my word for anything.

If you appreciate what this site stands for, please spread the word. It's not about me - it's about the skeptical approach to fitness. It's about believing something and using practices because they are verifiably accurate - not simply because someone says so.

If you think that's a better approach to strength and fitness than the common approach in the main stream of the fitness industry, welcome aboard. I think you'll like it here.

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Band-Resisted Pushups = Bench Press for strength gains? Plus, how useful is EMG?

First things first, please give this post a little time to get rolling. There are bits of it that are primarily for nerds like myself, but there are also directly actionable parts, so be patient while we get there. You may have heard of EMG before. EMG stands for Electromyography – essentially measuring the electrical activity in your muscles. Muscle contraction starts with a nerve impulse. If the nerve impulse is strong enough, it creates a small electrical current that runs down the muscle (wave of depolarization), setting off the chain of events that leads to muscle contraction (excitation contraction […]

Speed kills: 2x the intended bar speed yields ~2x the bench press gains

If you want to get stronger, training volume and intensity are the two most important variables, right?  Well, a recent (May 2014) study published in the European Journal of Sports Science sheds some light on another crucial factor – bar speed. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve always heard that you’re supposed to lift the bar (concentric) as fast as possible, and that doing so would recruit more fast twitch fibers since you’re producing more force, and more muscle fibers activated = more gains. However, I’ve never heard anyone pinpoint how much of a difference maximum rep speed actually made […]

Strength Does Not Guarantee Knowledge

(Originally published on SpotMeBro.com here)   This article is going to ruffle a few feathers. Hell, it would have ruffled mine a few years ago. There is a (sometimes spoken, sometimes unspoken) assumption that a bigger, stronger lifter or bodybuilder inherently knows more about training than someone smaller or weaker.  Or, if the relationship isn’t inherent, it’s assumed that there’s at least a strong correlation. Sure, not everyone believes it, but I’d wager it’s a hefty majority.  How many times does someone post an article or a video by a strength athlete or bodybuilder that contains something demonstrably inaccurate, or […]